CacheSense 4.0.16 released

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CacheSense 4.0.16 released

Postby Bruce » Thu Oct 06, 2011 6:31 am

1. Fixed timezone conversion & display issues for logs and field notes, all now match up correctly with the dates displayed on

2. Fixed bug in photo upload code, also now displays pending/upload information for photos listed on the field notes screen. Fixed issue with multi-line descriptions.

3. improvements to trackable logging, also tracking number no longer required for Dropped or Visited logs (unless manual entry).

4. Fixed mini compass display issue (N/NE were displaying NW) .

5. Improved performance in patchy coverage areas, less load on the phone when coverage is restored with pending logs or uploads.

OTA Installers at

ALX Installers at

It should appear on the App World within the next few days, depending on the submission process.
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