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Version 2.7

Postby Bruce » Sun Sep 30, 2012 9:12 pm


1. CacheSense now includes Munzees! With support from the team at we have added a new Munzee layer on the map which works in both Live and Offline modes.

Tapping on a Munzee opens a detail card and from here you can navigate using any of the standard navigation tools, tap the “Capture” icon to open the official Munzee app to capture it or tap the detail card to open full details including Journal entries.

New options on the Filter dialog allow you to hide owned and/or captured Munzees,
use the Tools | Refresh option to refresh the captured status while in the field.

The Profile screen now includes a Munzees page which lists captured and owned Munzees. This list is automatically updated every 12 hours or hit the refresh icon at any time.

Enter your Munzee username under Settings | Munzee Preferences to enable these features.


1. Added Tools | Export GPX and Tools | Export to Cloud context options to Databases screen, removed the “Export” page.

Export to Cloud allows you to send any database to Dropbox and you can then import the database onto another device or load caches into it with the new desktop utility and import it back. CacheSense automatically compresses databases (.dbz) to save bandwidth.

This feature is especially useful when you have multiple devices (eg. a phone and a tablet). Tap the help icon on the Databases screen for more info.

2. The Databases list now includes the Profile and Live databases with clear and export options. The Profile database holds all user-generated data such as field notes, user waypoints, photo information and trackable logs. The Live database is a store for data that is downloaded from Geocaching Live on the map, nearest caches, search results etc.

3. The Import screen now supports database import from the SD Card, external storage or Dropbox (.db and .dbz files).

4. You can now download a free companion Windows app, “CacheSense Desktop” from ... esktop.exe this utility allows you to import multiple GPX/ZIP files to a new or existing CacheSense database, it is capable of importing 1000s of caches in a few seconds and supports various GSAK attributes including DNF flag, corrected coordinates and favorite points. Supports Drag & Drop for multiple GPX/ZIP files and CacheSense databases (.db or .dbz), you can also import an entire folder of GPX/ZIP files.

For instance you can export a database to dropbox (“Export to Cloud”) then drag it from your Windows Dropbox folder onto the Desktop app, load a large GPX from GSAK then copy the database back via the CacheSense “Databases | Import” screen.


1. New Munzee Layer (see above)

2. Geocaches and Waypoints are now layers (this replaces the “Show waypoints” filter).

3. Smart names are now a layer, you can now manually can turn these on or off at any zoom level.

4. Smart name trigger levels, Map Settings | Advanced Settings now includes options to set the zoom levels for auto smart names.

5. Follow mode is now switched off when searching for an address on the map.

6. Added “Address Search” option to map “Tools” menu.

7. Fixed bug causing Compass/Radar to occasionally fail with a white screen when selecting Navigate from the map screen for “Live API” items.


1. German Translation!

2. Radar values now update correctly, there was an issue with the Radar which caused the text values (distance etc) to stop updating.

3. Brightened all toolbar icons for better outdoor visibility.

4. Fixed bug where field note text was lost on orientation change or when interrupted by another app or phone call/txt message.

5. Selecting “Radar” from a navigate menu now opens the radar page rather than the compass.

6. Changed the smoothing algorithm on the compass (currently developing an entirely new compass and radar).

7. Fixed 45 degree compass offset on tablets.

8. Compass now has a “Tools” menu where you can enable/disable the magnetic compass at speeds below 5kph.

9. Radar now has a Tools” menu allowing you to enable/disable rotation and the magnetic compass. Adjusted display to use same font sizes as compass.

10. Can now multi-select on search results screens, fixed context options.
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Re: Version 2.7

Postby zwiebus » Tue Oct 02, 2012 12:53 pm

Hi Bruce,
first of all, thank you for the German translation, perfect. This version is really good, I have only one big issue and that ist the battery usage, which is very high on my phone when I am running cachesense. Using C:Geo or GeOrg, my battery lasts significant longer, any idea?
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Re: Version 2.7

Postby Bruce » Tue Oct 02, 2012 8:21 pm

The most likely scenario is that CacheSense is keeping the GPS warm a bit longer than those apps, I will add some options to control this in a future update.
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Re: Version 2.7

Postby Kiwi_Explorer » Wed Oct 03, 2012 5:49 am

Bruce wrote:The most likely scenario is that CacheSense is keeping the GPS warm a bit longer than those apps, I will add some options to control this in a future update.

Hi Bruce, I haven't used it for a while (honest!) but cGeo in the past when I used it turns on the GPS and leaves it on so that may be a clue to also look elsewhere. I have though noticed that recent versions of CS have the GPS active more often and for longer periods than older versions (pre 2.6 perhaps).

Another interestingly observation on battery use is that I was noticing my phone battery, on a phone that is almost 2 years old with the same battery, was running low after about 12 hours of being on. i.e. remove it from the charger at 6am and by 6pm it was almost dead and needed to be back on the charger. I use CS most days at least once or twice to read about new caches or review existing ones but I was not actively finding caches. It may have been in use for 30 minutes during that 12 hours. I always exit fully using the back button including the back button form the "are you sure" prompt and noticed the GPS icon disappearing so assumed it was not in use and CS was exited. However, when the phone battery was not lasting 12 hours I started forcing the GPS off with a widget so that even when starting CS the GPS wouldn't start unless I specifically turned it on. My phone battery use is now pretty much back to normal. Off the charger at 6am and back on it again around 9-10pm and still has 15-20% charge. This makes me think that CS and/or the GPS is the problem with extra battery use. Anyway maybe those observations will helpful. Cheers, KE.
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Re: Version 2.7

Postby beltfamily » Wed Oct 03, 2012 6:14 am

Batteries also degrade. I've had them work fine for a year or so and suddenly you're looking for that "bad app" that's doing all the damage only to discover a fresh battery solves the problem.

Also, different batteries have different performances. One drops from 100 to 90 very quickly and then sticks on around for quite some time whereas the other drops from 100 to 30 quite steadily and then suddenly it's on 10 or 5 :)
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Re: Version 2.7 - GPS management

Postby sakletare » Tue Nov 13, 2012 11:46 pm

I support the wish for switching GPS on less often. I see its being used (when the icon in the status bar is blinking) constantly as soon as CS starts (Samsung Galaxy Ace 2). When using Locus GPS is switched off as soon as the app goes to background or quits. In CS I'd suggest to switch on GPS only when the map is used or when I'm on the nearest caches tab (which I hardly ever use). Or maybe there should be an option for that, since other phones might need a bit longer to get a fix after GPS started (mine does in a few seconds). Battery drain is significantly higher with GPS always in use.
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Re: Version 2.7

Postby Bruce » Wed Nov 14, 2012 12:26 am

Yes, I'm adding options for GPS behavior, the way it works now is weighted toward quick GPS fixes rather than battery life.
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